Star Tips

Microsoft Project

Project Set-up

  1. Always start a project plan by setting the Project Information which includes the start date and provides a date from which the schedule will be calculated.
  2. Always set the working time for your project and ensure that this does not conflict with the working time of any other organisation or department that you may share your plan with.
  3. Always identify and set up a resource sheet and then assign resources to the tasks.

Navigation Tips

Ctrl+Home Moves to the first task
Ctrl+End Moves to the last task
Ctrl+A Selects all tasks
Ctrl+Shift+F5 Scrolls to the task bar for the task selected


It can be very useful to create a hyperlink from a task to the Design Document or Procedural Guidelines for that task, or alternately a hyperlink could be assigned to the Project Summary Task to a project related document.

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