Virtual Information Security Manager

What is a Virtual Information Security Manager?

A Virtual Information Security Manager in many ways is whatever your organisation requires as we individually tailor our services to meet your needs. However we would define the Virtual Information Security Manager as a service acting as the organisations Information Security Manager.

The end result is a service that frees up both financial resource and staff resource.

Why does my organisation need a Virtual Information Security Manager?

An organisation would typically need this service when they wish to free up extra staff or financial resource. The service works by the organisation being able to request any Information Security assistance from a remote service. This is both time saving and money saving.

What AWTBS offer…

At AWTBS we often see the role of the Information Security Manager being assigned as a dual role to someone who doesn’t really have time to perform the role as they have their own job to perform.

The idea of the Virtual Information Security Manager is that the organisation can prevent this by engaging AWTBS to provide this resource virtually. It works by the organisation contacting AWTBS anytime with an Information Security query. This could be in regards to a breach or help with the ISO 27001 standard. It could be any question at all as long as it is related to Information Security. AWTBS will then come back with advice, guidance, policy documents, whatever is needed to answer the query. This is a great solution for organisations who don’t want to allocate resource to a dedicated Information Security Manager when the resource would be better used elsewhere.

Our tailored solutions range from:

Virtual Information Security Manager services including:

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