Gap Analysis

What is GAP analysis?

A GAP analysis is the comparison of actual performance against certification required performance. In real terms we tell you how far away your organisation’s management system is from achieving the desired certification based on a sampling style audit and evaluation.

Why does my organisation require a GAP analysis?

There are a number of reasons your organisation may require a GAP analysis. These usually range from pricing how much it would cost to introduce a new management system to finding out how far away from certification the organisation is. A GAP analysis would also be very useful for answering everything else in between in connection with Information Security.

What AWTBS offer…

We will investigate your organisation and assess your management system. We offer a wide range of tailored GAP analysis based on your needs and requirements. Some examples of these are ISO 27001:2013 Information Security and ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management.

Most GAPS usually take a minimum of two days depending on the size of the organisation, during which time we will fully investigate and test your management system. At the end of this time we will produce a report which will include a list of Major non-conformities, Minor non-conformities, Observations and Recommendations. Using this information your organisation will then be able to decide on the next steps and your organisation will know if its management system is ready for audit and subsequently certification. If corrective action is required AWTBS can provide your organisation with a range of services to ensure your management system will be ready for audit and certification.

We offer the following GAP analysis…

GAP analysis Range:

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