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Microsoft Training

AWT Business Solutions have always believed that there is more than one way to achieve objectives. Because of this belief we deliver effective training in a style most suitable to the objective. By taking advantage of our complimentary training analysis service we will ensure your Microsoft training includes everything you need for effective training and development of all employees and users.

We offer a wide range of Microsoft training products delivered in the following styles:

Classroom/workshop style training:
Standard Microsoft training courses, although our client base find our training much more effective by taking advantage of our unique customisation service which results in every single course delivered to their employees being personalised to departmental processes and requirements.

Not all team members benefit well in a classroom/workshop environment. If the training is critical to their business as usual activities it is sometime more effective to deliver one-to-one sessions to key members of staff to ensure the training focusses on how Microsoft products can impact on the users daily activities. In many cases on how the users daily activities rely on Microsoft.

Team specific training:
Expanding on the one-to-one training above, team specific training provides all attendees with the benefit of sharing experiences with their team members. This style is very beneficial for teams who may be supported by external resource as and when necessary, and ensures all team members are aware of how the Microsoft products work and how their teams rely on them.

One of the other key things we’ve noticed whilst working with our clients is the need for effective elearning modules to be developed. To be effective this e-Learning should be developed to suit the companies actual needs not what the off the shelf product states they need.

Training analysis service:
By taking advantage of our training analysis service you will ensure your e-Learning includes everything you need for effective training and development of all employees and users.

This training analysis will be provided complimentary for all clients who choose to use AWTBS in partnership with leading UK digital agency Leighton for your elearning requirements.

Subjects included:

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