About Company

So Who Are AWT Business Solutions ?

AWT Business Solutions have been offering something different for over 15 years!

Our success is due to ensuring we keep pace with changing technologies and information security standards. We are very proud of becoming a member of BSI’s Associate Consultant Programme (ACP).

AWTBS specialise in ISO 27001 and have supported clients throughout the certification process.

We bring together years of “actual” experience in managing staffing, project and system solutions within the public, NHS and private sectors. AWT Business Solutions can resolve many of the daily operational concerns faced by our clients.

We don’t just talk about it, we have experienced it!

Our success in delivering benefits, change and transformation, cost savings and overall business improvements is as a direct result of being able to identify your requirements and then deliver the support services necessary to ensure your requirements are met.

By always working closely with our clients we …

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